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the Popular Streaming Protocol

RTSP is a popular streaming protocol used to delivery video and audio stream via Internet. It is similar to MMS, HTTP, RTMP, PNM and other protocols.

Streaming media is familiar to all of us. The videos on YouTube, Metacafe, Vimeo and other video sharing websites, the TV shows, news programs and movies on ABC, CBS, AOL and CNN, the Internet radio, online TV, P2P TV, podcast and so on, are all streaming media. All these video and audio stream are transferred complying with protocols like RTSP, HTTP, MMS, RTMP, and so on.

Protocol RTSP

RTSP - Real Time Streaming Protocol is an application-level protocol to stream multimedia. RTSP protocol is used for years for Streaming Real Video and Streaming Real Audio. And Streaming Windows Media is adopting RTSP as the default protocol now.

RTSP is more stable than HTTP, and Microsoft deprecated MMS in favor of RTSP.

Download RTSP Stream is a handy tool to download RTSP stream and output audio files in any popular format. It helps you a lot when you want to free download online radio content from Internet. And it only needs you a few clicks to finish all the downloading, recording and capturing. Have a try. Click here to learn more.

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HTTP for Windows Media, Flash video, Apple video
RTSP for RealMedia
MMS for Windows Media
RTMP for Flash video

Lots of media files can't be directly opened in general media players, which usually have very small file size and contain streaming script. You can use Download RTSP Stream to parse these files, acquire real URLs and download audio streams to audio files for storage on your computer.

Windows Media: *.wma, *.wmv, *.asf, *.asx, *. wax, *.wvx, *.wmx, etc.
RealMedia: *.rm, *.ra, *.rmvb, *.rmj, *.ram, etc.
Playlist: *.m3u, *.pls, *.wpl, *.smil, etc.

As you can see, RTSP is widely used as the protocol to stream multimedia. If you want to download streaming media from Internet, or if you want to open unusual media files, this Download RTSP Stream can help you a lot. It is the best tool to download RTSP stream to audio files in any format as you want.

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